The Story of COCORAU 3

The Story of COCORAU

The Beginning of the Story of COCORAU

May I introduce myself to you

I am Konstanze Zeller, the founder and creator of COCORAU
and I would love to share my story with you
I promise, it is delicious!

As I love sweets being a native of Austria, therefore I also have a passion for cooking

Did I tell you
I also love clowns, I am a Make-up artist in the fashion world.
Believe me this story will entice you into entering a world of delights I created.

The foundation and roots of COCORAU is in what I am attracted to doing and being.
Abundant in health, passion for living and transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

My personal journey was and continues to be one of optimum well being,
balance incorporating beauty with every step.

But I am a believer that beauty starts from within and is reflected by what and how
we eat. What we put into our instrument we play.

Thus I have learned from my own experience- incorporating a lifestyle that includes
world travel, exotic meals and new discoveries of resources – to found and maintain a
healthy living regime through which I prosper and and remain conscious as I continue
to expand in spirit and being.

However, I will not comprise my health, It is my foundation and my inspiration.

So begins my story of founding COCORAU.

Like many stories of discovering health began with my need for it.
I also became out of balance and my body spoke to me.
My physical body being a vehicle for awareness was clouded and blocked.
I was fortunate to in my quest for well being introduced to Dr Linda Lancaster who
placed me on a regime of meals revealing the natural nutrients of organic foods. I
was so delighted with my new found way of being, I was inspired to share it.
And I was going to create a product rich in nutrients, beautiful to see and so very
delicious – that like me, could travel with you anywhere.

I began with 4 organic Power Bites and went on to enhance my line to include

Adaptogenic Elixir Mixes that would begin your day at anytime at anyplace. I was
thrilled to find for myself and create, to give back to the world a treasure of conscious
products the world riches resources gave me. And so, for now, I introduce to you my
line of “Raw Power Bites & Elixirs”

Here is to your health!
Our greatest treasure.

While living in my tiny East Village apartment in New York did I turn to my kitchen
treasures into an alchemy of raw organic cocoa power bites.

I will begin with the first of my four beauties:

So Hum
I began with my first treat Lavender and christened the Bite with the Sanskrit term for
breath – So Hum

Raw appealed to me, as its essence is pure and basic.
As I begin my ingredients are organic, raw, simple and as a result a product that is
beauty from the inside out.

Being a make-up artist who paints a face my So-Hum (lavender) bite is not only
attractive in its form, delicious in each Bite in total – a super health addition to one’s
day. A snack, a treat and a gift – starting with you.

The ingredients I choose have their base in raw organic cocoa, then the essence
of organic lavender, to calm, to soothe, to beautify one’s soul. In addition raw
almonds and pistachio are incorporated and the power of raw organic honey – a
melody of magic.

In the studio, I sampled my first creation among the models and the photographers.
Like first sight, first bite So-Hum was an immediate success.

Here to know I love bringing people together. In turn people come together for me.
The alchemy of karma, so to speak.

And so, the Art Director on the fashion shoot this day, connected me with her
husband – a manager for a major health food chain. I introduced my first bites for a
wold to taste.

More to follow!


photo: Henry Hargreaves @henry_hargreaves_photo


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