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COCORAU has all the requisite “no’s”—no gluten, no dairy, no processed sugar, no GMOs. But after meeting Zeller and trying her chocolates, it’s nice to know there are still sweet things in life you can say “yes” to.

Claudia Wu, Editor of Cherry Bombe Magazine

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The Story Of Cocoaru

The Story Of Cocorau The Beginning of the Story of COCORAULet me introduce myself to you, I am Konstanze Zeller, the founder and creator of COCORAU. As a native of Austria, I love sweets and have a passion for cooking. I also love clowns and I am…

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Fashion, Health, & Chocolate: Who Is Konstanze Zeller?

Fashion, Health, & Chocolate: Who Is Konstanze Zeller? I worked in the fashion industry for years. I’m originally from Austria and I started my career in my family business: hair styling. After working a couple of years in my parent’s salon, I decided to move…

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It Begins With A Bite

It Begins With A Bite Baking and making sweets was my childhood and teenage hobby. That was how I started experimenting in my East Village kitchen and created my first lavender bite. My goal was to discover what difference it would make if I avoided sugar and used raw cacao instead.…

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