May we introduce to you our three potions of perpetual magic COCORAU Immortal Elixirs:


Holy Body Powder

Superlative Beauty

Sensual Supreme


Konstanze Zeller, and alchemist, in the beauty sense of the word, whose personal quest is to transform anything into something better – has triumphed here. Konstanze collaborated with renowned Taoist Rehmannia Thomas . By concocting and combining herbs, plants and flowers, accessing the riches of mother earth into medicinal powders in turn the line of Immortal Elixirs to enhance overall beauty and creativity.

The Immortal Elixirs is a food-based powder with adaptogenic herbs. That is to say they are safe and nontoxic as recorded on Time magazine. For example, Dr. Brenda Powell, concluded that “Adaptogens help your body handle stress”. This is certainly something we all need, as a result of every day stress. To clarify things, Dr Brenda Powell is a co-medical director of the Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute. In short, our Immortal Elixir powders are designed to elevate the health quotient of any dish or drink. Enjoy the enhancing benefits of our IMMORTAL ELIXIR potions. COCORAU is committed to use only the highest ingredients. Above all, they do not contain any sugar, soy or dairy.

Indulge yourself and in turn the abundant health and beauty treasures your mind body and psyche will prosper from.
We researched and sourced the planet earth creating powders for you – to illuminate, rejuvenate and never end in your access to longevity, vitality and ecstasy beginning with your very essence.

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