Raw Power Bites


The Basics

COCORAU, the delicious raw, organic superfood, is made with raw, organic cacao and the finest fresh and local ingredients available. Our small-batch products are handcrafted in  NY  and are abundant in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and anti-aging properties.

And of course all of our products are gluten, soy, sugar, dairy, and GMO free!

Raw Cacao

We are using Raw Cacao from Peru that is non fermented and 100% organic. It is made by crushing raw cocoa beans into a liquid.
Because no heat is used, it contains all its natural nutrients. This is 100% true dark pure organic cocoa.
It is a bliss’ happy maker.

Almond Flour

We are using organic almond from Spain, that we hand-grind to ensure highest quality.  The vitamins C + E and the minerals Zinc, Copper, and Magnesium shine in each.

Raw, Organic Local Honey

Our nectar of the gods is a raw, organic local honey that’s packed with vital nutrients, Iron, and vitamin C.

Sulpher-Rich Molasses

Sulphur-rich molasses is used to carmalize our hazelnuts and almonds to a blissful perfection.

Himalayan Salt + Vanilla Bean Powder

The highest grade of calcium rich Himalayan salt is used along with organic vanilla bean powder-an aphrodisiac!

Coconut Oil

This near to perfect super oil makes our bites even more powerful because of the anti aging benefits.


COCORAU BRINGS COUTURE TO THE FOOD WORLD founder Konstanze Zeller introduce her Raw Couture Collection. The line of raw nutrient-based snacks, elixirs and a CBD line, brings sophisticated flavor…


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