Fashion, Health, & Chocolate: Who Is Konstanze Zeller?

I worked in the fashion industry for years. I’m originally from Austria and I started my career in my family business: hair styling. After working a couple of years in my parent’s salon, I decided to move to Berlin. Berlin is where I found my mentor Christian Hoppe. He taught me everything about putting together make-up and hair for photo shoots. We had an amazing time working together. I still had to work on the side, in a salon, to support myself and slowly I was able to find jobs on my own; in fashion that means a lot of free testing. I was able to build a portfolio and finally meet with agencies to see if they would represent me.
Coming To New York City

It was pretty stressful working day and night. I also eventually moved to Hamburg part-time and went back-and-forth from Berlin on a weekly basis. After a few years I wanted to be in a bigger fashion metropolis and for me that was either London or New York. I was invited to visit a friend of a friend who lived in Queens, New York. I fell in love with New York after a few days and it was clear to me that I had to live there.

Getting a visa took a while. Agencies didn’t want to represent me because they didn’t want to work through the hassle of getting a visa for me. But since I knew this was the only way for me to live in New York, I went back and forth between Europe and New York multiple times until I found an agent; then I flew back to Germany, gave away my things, sold my car, and moved to my dream city.

It Takes A Dream To Keep Moving Forward

The first year had its challenges. I didn’t speak English very well so getting jobs was difficult. It’s New York City, a hard city to live in, there’s not much else to say about that. I was still going back and forth from Europe and New York to survive, and, slowly, I was able to get more American clients. This came with all the other difficulties for a foreigner in a new country, such as getting an apartment and a cell phone – not an easy task. I pretty much worked day and night, whenever I had the chance.

Challenges never defined me, but I got to define my challenges. In the midst of my busy schedule I got very lucky and met Kevyn Aucoin, one of the most legendary make-up artists. I started working with him and we worked up to twenty-four hours a day on music videos and on any celebrity you can imagine. So this became more work but also more excitement. I kept working like this for years and traveled around the world. Yes, it is stressful to work in fashion and always staying on top of the latest trend. But yes, it was worth it.

Discovering A Better Health
My health began to decline despite my attempts to keep it level. After going on a vacation to Italy then Austria, I lost my voice. I saw several doctors and none were able to help me. They prescribed a lot of pills and told me to speak less, in case I permanently damage my vocal cords. Fortunately, a friend suggested that I see Dr. Linda Lancaster. She diagnosed me using a pendulum and told me everything that was wrong with me and why none of the pills were helping. She put me on a very strict detox diet supported by a lot of herbs. Three weeks into it, my voice slowly came back.
Health Is A Big Thing Made From A Lot Of Little Things
It was astonishing to realize how helpless I was by not being able to communicate with my voice; the difficulty of not being able to talk on the phone, or to avoid going out to dinner with friends because nobody can hear me over the restaurant’s music. I remained on the diet for seven months with only slight modifications. During this time I lost weight, needed very little sleep, and overall felt amazing. I began to feel how food could change my life. I never got sick why or even a small cold. My digestion also improved; something I had trouble with since I was a child. I couldn’t believe I was capable of feeling like this. Other people couldn’t believe how much my appearance changed too. I was even asked if I got a facelift!
Chocolate Is Too Good To Miss

After the seven month diet, I couldn’t go back to the food I ate before. My taste and view of food turned around. But the only thing I could never stop loving is chocolate.

When I realized that most store-bought chocolate has sugar, soy, lecithin, or dairy, I started experimenting with making my own chocolate. I discovered how healthy raw cacao compares to tempered chocolate. So I made a lavender bite….more to follow!

Konstanze Zeller

In the midst of my busy schedule I got very lucky and met Kevyn Aucoin, one of the most legendary make-up artists. I started working with him and we worked up to twenty-four hours a day on music videos and on any celebrity you can imagine.

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