It Begins With A Bite

Baking and making sweets was my childhood and teenage hobby. That was how I started experimenting in my East Village kitchen and created my first lavender bite. My goal was to discover what difference it would make if I avoided sugar and used raw cacao instead. I wanted to see how other people would react to my new chocolate creation.

Sampling My Creations

I brought boxes full of samples to the photo and video shoots I worked on as a make-up artist.  I wanted to make sure that everyone would try them; the editors, art directors and models gave me excellent feedback. Everyone who tried them loved them and were especially happy to test something sweet and healthy.

It takes a little sweetness, courage, and a health-focused mind to be prepared for great changes.

A few weeks later an art director wrote me an email saying her husband is the manager of a large health driven supermarket, and if I wanted to take my chocolates to the next level, she would love to introduce me to him. This caught me by surprise. I didn’t expect something like this to happen so fast. I immediately thought I couldn’t go to a meeting and present only one flavor.

Expanding One Bite To Three
I recruited my friend Giselle and we locked ourselves in my East Village apartment until we created two more flavors. We created an espresso bite because espresso and chocolate was always one of my favorite pairings. Then we created the Orange Bliss, a combination of chocolate, orange essential oil, hazelnuts, almonds and a hint of spice. We tested the new flavors for days and received positive feedback. I wanted the bites to look like toys for small kids so I bought molds in fun geometric shapes. Their size was designed for three bites; so it’s not too big like you’re eating an entire candy bar, or too small and leaving you unsatisfied. I wanted the bites to be perfect for after a workout or yoga session. I’m not a fan of energy bars so I thought this would be an ideal energizing snack.
Moving On To Business
I packed the bites into a box and booked an appointment with the manager. He loved the idea, the flavors, and was impressed with their taste. We talked about next steps involving branding, packaging, and labeling and introducing me to management…more to follow!

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