Like many people, you may be left wondering, What exactly are adaptogens, and can they really help me?

Adaptogens are an essential herb intended to boost your resistance to and tolerance of stress-emotional and physical.

As the name already gives away, they adapt to what your body needs.

They bring balance to your system.  They turn up your energy when you’re fatigued and help you relax when you’re restless.

They are based on Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Their holistic ingredients have been used by different cultures throughout history and throughout the world. They come as mushrooms, algae, flowers, and roots.

Adaptogens don’t help to eliminate stress from a personal life; rather, they may enable the body to use its own abilities to change and adapt to stress and help to promote healthy aging,

Better memory, less fatigue, more endurance and have sharper focus and attention. On the other hand, stress can have the opposite effect on all of these functions. And that’s where adaptogens come in.

Because we’re living in such anxious times, burned out by demanding jobs, and worried about what’s in the news, it may explain “Adaptogens” surge in popularity. Their popularity will likely only continue to grow.

If you use adaptogens over the long term, you can likely see some of the stress-protective benefits. It will take time and consistency.


Should you try Adaptogens for Stress Relief?

It’s worth thinking of these adaptogenic herbs as another tool in your “ feeling better” routines,  along with regular exercise, sleep, and mindfulness.

  • improve attention
  • increase endurance
  • balance hormonal levels
  • improve attention
  • keep cortisol levels and other hormonal levels in check
  • stimulates mental performance
  • normalize body functions
  • boost the immune system
  • improve energy
  • improve the function of organs like the liver and adrenal glands
  • improve the functions of the body system, such as the gastrointestinal system 



How to Start Taking Advantage of the Benefits of Adaptogens

One way to take ADAPTOGENS is to take supplements.  Like any other supplement you take, you have to trust the brand and try to find out: How they source the herbs.

It is important to take these herbs “clean” [not growing with pesticides] or “wild-sourced.” Besides proper packaging, they keep their potency [like no sunshine is penetrating the packaging].Use them in moderate levels, as the recommended dosage on the packaging. Don’t mix too many supplements. Try to listen to your body and see how you feel after taking them for a while. Since they are herbs and everybody’s tolerance is different. There is no recipe working for all of us.

Depending on the flavor, certain adaptogens can be added to, say, your morning coffee, like our Holy Body Powder makes it taste like a “Chai tea.”

Our Superlative Beauty Powder is great to mix into Coconut milk or Oat-milk; it is based on mushrooms and helps protect and rebuild your cells. For a sparkling morning routine.

Are Adaptogens Effective?

Although there is limited evidence from medical studies to back the claims of effectiveness for each type of adaptogen, some new studies are beginning to emerge.

And a scientific review that examined previous adaptogen studies, Ashwagandha and Rhodiola, suggested that these herbs could benefit people during periods of chronic stress.2


Adaptogens you should know about


Sometimes called Indian ginseng, ashwagandha is likely one of the most talked-about — and most commonly used — adaptogens. The name ashwagandha in Sanskrit means ‘smell of a horse’”. It

helps the body cope with daily stress, and as a general tonic


The reishi mushroom has been used for centuries in Eastern Asia as an adaptogen and a medicine. Unlike button or shiitake, you likely won’t be cooking with whole reishi mushrooms. You find them in a dried powder form. You can add the powder to savory recipes. It helps the body adapt to stress and promotes a healthy sleep pattern. You could also steep the whole mushroom in hot water to make a bitter tea.

Siberian Ginseng/ Eleuthero

This adaptogen is likely one of the most researched. says of Siberian ginseng, which grows in China and Russia, and is a popular remedy for people who feel run-down and tired from stress.

Astragalus root: to help reduce stress and aging

Rhodiola Rosea: to lower anxiety, fatigue, and depression

Cordycepsa specific type of mushroom which is said to fight stress and help balance hormones.

Maca: to improve mood and increase energy

Wild yamto regulate female hormone levels

Licorice: to increase energy and endurance and help boost the immune system, stimulate the adrenal glands and promote healthy cortisol levels


A beautiful Chinese red berry. Just as acai is considered a superfruit, Schisandra has long been known as a super berry. Flavorwise, it encompasses all five major taste elements, which gives it a balancing benefit. Plus, it has both immune-boosting and stress-fighting qualities.


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