Well + Good write up!! yes we are so excited

Here we are part of the write up in Well and Good our favorite wellness blog. We are partner with the Alchemist kitchen. Please come by  At least that’s what’s cooking at The Alchemist’s Kitchen in NYC’s East Village. The new café-apothecary-event space—which also offers infrared sauna sessions (meet you there, Jennifer Aniston?)—opened in January as a flagship for Evolver, a botanical and herbal online marketplace.

The Alchemist’s Kitchen offers a Guided Journey prix fixe meal once a month that includes several house-made “state-changing elixirs,” followed by light raw vegan fare (think: sprouted sunflower hummus, parsnip and turnip soup, and Cocorau raw chocolates).

On a recent Monday night I took the “journey” with 10 other people—which was designed to make us feel grounded and relaxed, then stimulated (hello, aphrodisiacs), and finally super-alert and energetic. more here:

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