We finally finished the fancy food show!


It was an amazing experience.  We got to meet so many people who gave us great feedback and said we had one of the newest and coolest products at the show.

We set up our table with a vision of how people can enjoy life, eat good food, and nourish their soul and health.  Some of our visitors told us that our presence allowed them to forget the hectic and craziness from the streets outside as well as the show inside at the Javits Center filled with more 1400 vendors.

People got to sample our elixir drink, the Holy Body Powder, which gives them calmness and energy.  We also launched our brand new power, Superlative Beauty, and sampled it with coconut milk.  It was special, a lot of women made a run for our samples.  The Pearl, Shizandra, Goji, Tremella (the beauty mushroom), and Chaga (for longevity) have all been hit!

I have the feeling we met some incredible people who’ve come to understand the philosophy of Cocorau.  Now I’m back at my computer emailing followup and thank you letters.  

I’d like to thank the following:

Mrs. Julie Lindh Founder of JLSkinFitness for her support and time.  Jani Kung-Ran, my chef who made all our samples taste incredible.  The Alchemist Kitchen + Alain Palinsky for sharing there beautiful space with us and all of their supporting staff.  Danny Fernandez, Emma Worpole, and Stephanie Grayson are amazing people!

To those behind the scene:

Ronny Zeidan founder of RO-NY for the branding and existence of CocoRau.  Eric Stralow for our web-design. Giselle Liberator for putting it all in the right words.  Rob Hewitt and Francesca Campanella for their graphics.  Andre Michelle for designing my last minute press release.  Boris Bauer and Angela Cason, Founders at Tempo Strategic, for all the best marketing advice and support. For all the support of my friends since I started. Thank you 




The day before setting up


The Day before almost done


Our Press Kit in the Press room of the Javits Center


The last picture prep for the big show.


First Day and it begins! We are all ready to go sample of our bites and the elixir powders. Yes!!! So much anticipation


Our table set up day 3 we almost done 🙂


Our specialty designed Chef Jackets and Aprons made by Sylvia Griesser.

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