We are back! Spring is here!

We are out of  hibernation!!  The days are getting longer and we are back into full force. So many new ideas and plans for COCORAU.

We would love to invite you to follow us and sign-up to receive our newsletter on our website. We are planning a hole lot of fun events and sampling thru the summer month.

We just made a new Press page and posted all our newest articles: https://cocorau.com/press/ Check it out, let us know what you think, we are so CURIOUS.

For any comment we will have a discount code for YOU.

Press page


Here is a brand new radio interview you can listen to Joshua Lane interviewed Konstanze our founder of COCORAU about her lifestyle and why she created that company.


We talk soon and I sent me mails to takebite@cocorau.com, instagram and FB @cocoraunyc.

Love Bites from the

COCORAU Team  xx

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