The World has changed my focus

I am sitting here overlooking the Esopus Creek I am trying to reflect on my feelings now. Thinking of how the world is changing all around me.
First I had to learn to deal and live with the virus “COVID”.
Like most of you, I have been isolated for months, during which I am trying to maintain my health; spending lots of time in nature and exercising to calm my mind. I thought finally we were opening up stores again and going forward to a new normal. But instead we are forced to pay attention to the problems within our society. The dangerous police tactics, and racism against black people are so obvious. Nobody can take a blind eye anymore.

I believe change is eminent

I feel it is necessary to go out to the streets and make my voices heard in order to contribute to the CHANGE. If we would like to see the change in the world.
We need to be here for each other, I am convinced of that.
I am meditating, practicing yoga and trying to live as healthy as I am able to. But in addition I need to keep my eyes open to see other peoples problems including the social flaws in our leadership. I believe we have been giving to much power to the wrong hands.

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We at COCORAU support “BLACK LIVE MATTER” in our decision to donated 20% of our online orders for the month of June and July to

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund:   The Premier Legal Organization Fighting for Racial Justice

World changed focusWe encourage our friends and followers to support this charity.

The overwhelming crowds all over the world protesting and marching, even on the fear of contracting the virus, are overshadowed by violence from small groups of people to loot stores and cause distraction. I understand that tension with everybody is high do to unemployment and living and being isolated in confined spaces this is a lot to embrace. Relationships are tested with in families and among partners.

Even simple task like grocery shopping and walking has become challenging we are forced to stay inside spending weeks in your house or apartment. Unquestionably it is even difficult to go to a park remain 6 feet between each person, especially in NYC.

Most important, I hope that we can treat each and everyone of us with respect.

At COCORAU are trying to do the best we can by first acknowledging what we need to change.

I would be delighted if you let us know of anything we can do to help more. We welcome your comments.

Stay safe and all the best Your COCORAU Team

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