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 Cocorau Couture: Cacao Artisan in Residence

COCORAU founder and architect behind the Raw Couture Collection, a line of nutrient-based snacks and Adaptogenic Elixirs that deliver both sophisticated flavor and gift-worthy design, Konstanze Zeller, has moved her production and home to the Historic Hudson Valley. The 300-year-old Stone House, called 7 Miles to Kingston, was fully restored with extreme attention to detail in order to maintain the integrity and beauty of the house while also giving the home modern and environmentally conscious updates.

Having spent most of her career behind the scenes as a makeup artist in New York City, Zeller learned first-hand how demanding and exhausting the industry and the City could be. Traveling for assignments around the world, she became acquainted with the sustaining powers of raw nutrients, and her discovery of 100% raw organic cacao inspired her to create “Power Bites”, intensely flavored combinations of healthy, healing ingredients to promote sustained energy without fillers or unnecessary calories. These ready-to-eat energy snacks are made from 100% raw organic cacao. COCORAU is committed to use only the highest ingredients does not contain any sugar, soy or dairy. The Immortal Elixirs are powdered food-based adaptogenic herbs, designed to elevate the health quotient of any dish or drink. Her hectic life in the City, coupled with building a budding business in small kitchens across town led her to move her life and production to the beautiful and historic home she is now in.




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