The leaves are turning red and yellow, one of my most favorable time!

I hope many of you are enjoying the red and yellow leaves of this season, even if it takes getting out of the city.  Whenever I have the time, I aim to enjoy nature and its seasons, especially autumn; it is how I rejuvenate and regain much needed energy.

We are having a crazy and busy fall season!  There is so much going on that the CocoRau team is working overtime in order to complete all of our orders and events.  Currently, we have photo studios as some of our biggest clients–because of our reputation within the fashion industry and love for our raw food bites. Thanks and returning much love to Jacks Studio and Splash Light Studios!

I’ve been having a great time attending and planning for different fairs and events.  For example, the Big Chocolate Show last weekend The Big Chocolate Show  that had a large variety of dark chocolate bites from around the world, some infused with tea and cacao beans.  There’s also a Gluten-free Expo in New Jersey this coming weekend  that I’m excited about because I get to see what’s new in the world of gluten free products.

 Cocorau is also participating at an amazing Voices of Fashion charity event on October 20th at the AFA Gallery in SoHo for The Father’s Heart Hunger Prevention Program (link?).  Event coordinators are expecting about 250 guests and will be auctioning art by street artists such as Bradley Theodore, Mark Samsonovich, Ramiro Comas-Davaro, and Kat Benzova.  There will also be DJs and a musical performance by American Idol’s Hollywood Anderson.   And among a food sponsored bar and stalls there will be bites by Baked By Mellissa, Bubby’s, and Mac Bar, as well as, a Cocorau stand with our Raw Power Bites.  We are very excited.

So these are just a few bits of info about upcoming events, for now.  Well, one last piece: I’m planning to have a pop-up event at The Alchemist Kitchen on September 22nd.  The invite will go out soon, so please visit me and check out our new gift boxes in four/eight chocolate piece sizes. 

 Much love,


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