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The good and the bad times

the good times chocolateOff to new adventures

It was amazing to be located in such a beautiful store. This was the first big health emporium in New York City. At that time something like that did not exist. I wasn’t even sure how I can be so lucky to be in there. All the people, who came by, wanted to know more about health and eating healthier.

On top of that, I used to live pretty close, and it was much easier to ship out the Internet orders and repack merchandise for the stores.

The good and the bad times

Indeed, every startup deals with different problems. Ours was that this kitchen was not made to produce chocolates. Summertime was difficult. It is too hot in New York for any kind of chocolates and the kitchen AC wasn’t made for cold productions.

I have bought my first big freezer and had my own corner where all my things got stored. My chef Jani used to be a makeup artist as well and we worked together on several shoots. She put all her hard work into making the production perfect. She even worked at night to avoid the heat, but it was still very hot and very difficult to produce and pack.

good times

Unquestionably, a new store with such a different direction needs a lot of work to get organized and to work properly. It wasn’t always easy, to spend my nights in the kitchen after my makeup jobs. Despite that, I experienced exciting moments. Whenever I had a day off, I drove to different stores all the way out to Long Island and up North to get to meet the managers off health food stores. I visited yoga studios and any kind of retreat or spa I could imagine to be interested in Power Bites, the healthy energy snack without dairy soy and sugar.

During that time, I befriended myself with the manager at our “Naturee’s” store. We had big dreams. I invested money in this dream and never expected this to go sideways.  Surprisingly, he disappeared few months later with the money and never contacted me again. I believe that’s how I had to learn who to trust and who not. The good and the bad times had been part of my experience.

Success comes for those who dare

I was hosting a big opening party for being part of this beautiful space. A lot of my friends and fashion friends came and we had special created cocktails for every different bite I created.

It was a great success. We got into more magazines and blogs: WELL + GOOD, Fathom travel blog, East and Taste, die Presse, more press here;  during the event we had a live podcast with Maxwell ( organic leaving)

the bad times

Learning is part of a business too

Then “The Alchemists Kitchen” company got into Naturee’s. They have been an amazing fit with all the knowledge about herbs and adaptogens. They have been the first ones working with CBD. I was totally fascinated to learn more and more. They had been hosting a lot of seminars and lectures and I couldn’t get enough. I hang out with the herbalists and took in all the knowledge.

The Alchemist kitchen had lots of readings and talks about mushrooms, Chinese herbs, the stars, astrology and the moon. Moreover I spent all my time in the store whenever I had time to learn more about it.

We organized a lot of sampling events for Cocorau. My friends and colleagues stopped by all the time. It was an amazing time. That’s when I started experimenting with adaptogenic herbs. Formerly I had amazing success myself with Chinese herbs that I’ve used and had results. So, for me Chinese medicine was my favorite and I totally believed in it.

More to follow


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