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This is my journey to launching my Raw Cacao Power Bites

I was sampling every weekend from the Hamptons to Sag Harbor to Brooklyn and back to the NYC.

Every chance I had to travel for a make-up job, either Los Angeles, Miami or Saratoga and so on… , I was checking out for stores to carry my product. Of course, sometimes I ended up in stores where they have no idea how to visually merchandise my product. But at least they have been interested in that new food wave.

I told myself that if I end up between salami and cheese that is not the right store for me. Not having the right clientele means the product will not sell. The clientele I seek respect or gravitate towards the kind of products sold in yoga studios fitness studios health food stores.

My models friends helped  in the kitchen and promotions  as they offered to help.  Many of my  friends came by to help our production and learn. I also met bloggers and journalists at the store all the time. When you talk about your product with passion, people respond in kind.


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The Bites have been carried in a rental photo studio called “Jack Studio”. Such a big supporter of COCORAU! That is because the fashion teams wanted a healthy clean power snack to eat in between photo shoots to maintain their energy, blissfully.

I was exhausted from running around so much. What kept me going was that I thought that’s what I had to do.


Talk about product

I was intrigued in learning how to promote my company

On top I tried to learn how to run a company a  close friend of mine told me all about it. . Found new ways to learn about Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and how to promote your company on social networking. He introduced me to the idea of attending all seminars related to promotion of one’s product line. It was great networking and meeting entrepreneurs.

The website constantly had to improve and on top I dealt with all the different mediums. I tried different agencies and private people to help me do social media postings. Only once or twice I met somebody who really understand the product and was able to do postings in my name. This made me realize that the best is if I take care of social networking myself. I tried to wear all these hats and make the new company work.

The Alchemist Kitchen was in the our store and I was constantly surrounded by interesting seminars and by Naturopath and people that studied herbs, I gained a lot more wisdom about herbs and plants as well.

The Alchemist Kitchen was also the first company in New York City that dealed with CBD and had lectures about it and we learned what CBD is and that was long before the boom started. So, I was right in the middle to get all this amazing information. And we got to try all these products and we talk to all these different vendors who came out every corner and CBD just started to be known by the industry. It was phenomenal!

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More to follow

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