Sensual Supreme Energy

Sensual Supreme EnergyFirst, let me start by saying that sensuality has kind of a bad rap in our culture. The English Dictionary defines “sensual” much in the way that you’d guess: pertaining to the senses.
How can we try to be more sensual in our times. To be sensual is one of the more suppressed feelings in our society. Sensual has not only to do with sexual but with smelling, tasting, touching, hearing, and feeling combine to awaken the body. All this creates energy to be creative, healthy and happy.
For example a form of sensuality it’s taking in all around you. I am going to make tea first thing in the morning. How can I make this a sensual experience to wake up my senses. I could just rush in the kitchen and take a teabag in the first cup that fill it with hot water and off I go.
Some morning look like that and some mornings I want to wake up my senses because I feel different. If we pay more attention what we really desire we will find more happiness.
So if you make that tea a latte tea with a special powdered tea you love and you use your special cup. Mix a bit of hot water and combine the powder tea (matcha or chai) fill the cup with steamed or warm vegan milk and sit on the window to watch the morning sun.
This will make you feel different for the rest of your day. There is often a solidity and a calm that comes with being deliberate and creating pleasure in any given moment.

It all does not need very much to make the day feel special for you.

We created our Sensual Supreme Elixir to create this little special moments for you.

Sensual Supreme

To make the world look different.

We use a tea spoon full off our Sensual Supreme Mix and stir it into Oat-milk or Coconut-milk to submerge your senses using this intoxicating Elixir whose powders combine to ignite your very passion for life itself.

I carefully combined aphrodisiac and adaptogenic herbs and plants.

I integrated “Epemedium” The functions of this perennial are numerous, in turn, allows the body to perform at its peak. As an antioxidant it provides and protects our cells that produce chemical energy. For overall immune boosting functions.

Cistanche” In brief, we call this the king of the desert. As it is also known in the world of herbs. It is a superior kidney tonic. The kidney reign supreme in the kingdom of the body. Cistanche is commonly used to promote sensual power and virility.

Supreme Energy

Life enhancing it is, surely!

“Polygala” this ancient root targets the sensual vitality of one own essence. As it asset in the transport of energy flow between the kidney and the heart. In addition it stimulates the lower organs and creates the fire essential to ones creativity.

“Reishi” This magnificent mushroom rejuvenates the mind and as a result the body. It provides strength and agility therefore optimize ones lifespan. This provides support to the functions of each organ to perform on the maximum level.

“Raw Cacao “ Equally important I would say, Raw Cacao Powder is a natural aphrodisiac. After all it is containing a stimulating chemical known as phenylethylamine, that stimulates the sense of excitement and well being.

“Cardamon” without a doubt is a powerful aphrodisiac.

All this Goodness I created to help you to feel more SENUAL for a special moment in our life.