The founder of COCORAU make up artist Konstanze Zeller introduces to you a powder that brings forth beauty from within. Carefully selected from ancient treasure of nature, Superlative Beauty gets its name from the most important ingredient “PEARL”, used by women of renowned beauty thru out the world.The magical mix of Asian mushrooms Tremella and Chaga contribute to cellular renewal and longevity. This makes for one of Konstanze’s personal beauty secrets. Her gift to you.


Pearl powder
The Salt Water Pearls crushed into a powder gives the look of porcelain to the skin, Regenerating the collagen already found in the skin. Pearl Powder therefore helps maintain the skins make up. The result being translucent skin creating the jewel like quality like pearl is renowned for. Face the world in beauty for all to see

Tremella the beautiful silver Ear Mushroom, is very popular in China, Tremella mushroom is also highly prized as a youthful skin tonic for a healthy complexion. In turn creates a most beautiful glow and so the magic of mushrooms. 


Chaga referred to as the “Gift from God” it contains the most essential  Vitamin – B – for Beauty. In addition, contains the highest levels of antioxidants that protect the cells from damaging free radicals. Chaga also contains the  wild sourced minerals of copper, magnesium and zinc – dynamic as well as beautifying.


Is the quintessence of all herbs, it purifies the blood, supports and protects the skin. The astringent qualities enable the skin to retain its moisture creating a full and beautiful appearance and glow. The ultimate beauty berry.

Goji it is a health protective miracle and known as the happy fruit and a beauty herb, one of the most nutritionally dense superfoods, rich in vitamin C – the skin vitamin


Immortal elixirs are bottled in blue Miron glass to protect the valuable properties from radiation and preserve the essence of each powder.


Minimum 1 tsp mix until dissolved in 5oz. of liquid of your choice. Don’t be afraid to use more.

Preferable in vegan milks, tea or water.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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