So many things happen last month and we have news you will never believe!!

Catching up with Cocorau

The past few weeks have been both eventful and exciting. You might need a notepad to keep up. Our Mother’s Day tasting event in our kitchen on May 9th was a success. We would like to thank Lori from Cheeze Hound for partnering up with us that day and sharing her AWSOME vegan cheeses with everyone.  It was an enjoyable evening.

Our Mother's Day event

Our Mother’s Day event



We took our bites on the road and our first stop was The Gansevoort Market in the Meat Packing District. Coupled with other vendors that day, we were able to spend the day introducing our bites to people who came by the market.  A Saturday with great weather drew quite the crowd and we got to speak to many people, not only about our bites, but healthy raw organic foods in general.  Humorously, after chatting with us about health and picking up an orange bliss, you could of stop by our next door vendor to pick up a bottle of honey whiskey @Catskillsprovisions. What a great weekend. We might come back to the market do enjoy the few on the west site.

Our next stop was the vegan Seed-Fair. It was our second time there and we always enjoy it. The fair is filled with an array of cool vegan vendors and it’s always our pleasure to be part of it.  Great vendors and a great crowd of vegan enthusiast.  We will continue to try and keep our spot at the seed fair.


The Seed Fair my friend Sandra and me!!

Our third stop is coming up this weekend May 30th and we are proud to say that we have made it to the Hamptons at The Provision store. We are branching out people! We will be sampling our bites in the store at [7 Main Street, Sag Harbor, New York 11963]. So if you are free this upcoming Saturday show us love come by. 

So now you are caught up. But there is just one last bit of news that might be the biggest news of it all. We will be relocating and leaving our collaboration with the LES girls-club. We have a major surprise coming up soon as to the new location. Yes, Cocorau will not much longer be located on Avenue C. I bet you didn’t see that coming, did you?

Have a fabulous beginning of the summer we follow up soon !!!

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