Sublime Elixir

Sublime Elixir our ultimate Wellness Powder

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Our blended Sublime CBD Sublime Elixir combines organic sustainable CBD Isolate from a local certified organic farm in Hudson NY and the immune enhancing Adaptogens of Astragalus,Eleuthero and Rhodiola with a hint of the majestic sweetness of the powerful Maqui berry.

Our CBD Sublime Elixir is providing you with the highest cannabis variety from a NY organic grower Hudson Hemp  complimenting some of the the most essential adaptogenic herb ingredients for your Adaptogenic Wellness Powder.

Welcome your wellness daily with this state of the art formula.


Ingredients: Astragalus^, Eleuthero^, Maqui Berry^, Monk berry*, Tocos*, Licorice Root*, Rhodiola^, MCT*,  (*organic)(^wild sourced)

CBD* isolate 12 mg per Tbsp

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