Golden Box Raw Power Bites

CBD infused Raw Cacao Bites

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2 bites, 20mg CBD  for $15

* For purchase please contact us at  !



* For purchase please contact us at  !

We are supremely delighted for our exclusive and exceptional CBD Bites. We have enveloped the highest quality full spectrum organic environmentally sustainable plant in our delicious Bite. We are commit to making our CBD bite without the use of Sugar, Gluten, Soy and Dairy. The CBD plant is cultivated using living soil organic principles with full compliances with the control define by the Colorado Department of agriculture.
Our CBD Bites are equal in providing you with the highest cannabis variety from an organic grower in Hudson NY , complimenting the purest ingredients in our Raw Bites.
We are using Raw Cacao from Peru. High on antioxidants, promotes good cardiovascular  health, helps to lower blood pressure.  Cacao is a seed that contains many vital mineral our body needs to function optimally. Cacao is on of the best sources of natural magnesium, with is critical for a happy and healthy heart,

Perhaps this is why it’s such a lover’ food.

Delight in each moment as you experience great relief from conditions such as inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, diabetes … to name a few.

Sublime, Supreme, Sensual
We dare to enjoy!

Ingredients: raw almond*, raw cacao paste*, raw cacao butter*, raw honey*, raw coconut oil*, himalayan salt*vanilla *,(*organic)

10 mg CBD FULL SPECTRUM OIL each;  2 bites  20mg CBD in a golden box

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Weight 0.06 g
Dimensions 0.6 × 0.3 × 0.3 cm

With any discrepancies please let us know in the next 24 hours after receiving the merchandise.

We ship our Power Bites only overnight with special packaging depending on the temperature.

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