We have been part of this amazing futuristic Spa Event!


Future Spa:We did sample our Raw Cacao Power Bites and Adaptogenic Elixirs. 

A day dedicated to yourself.

Saturday, April 15th

11am – 4pm

The Alchemists Kitchen – Lower Level
Up to 30% savings that include Theraphi Energetic Healing, CryoFacials, Infrared Sauna Wraps, Deep Myo-Fascial Release, and of course IV Therapy and NutriBooster Shots. Learn more

Cryosphere is an Ancient wisdom of cold therapy has been around for centuries. By exposing the body to extreme cold our cells increase immune response by activating cells mitochondrial output. 
Theraphi is a bio energetic device that creates an electric magnetic force field harmonizing energy that aids the body into entering a deep state of relaxation. 
IV NutriDrip Therapy delivers nutrients lost through digestion and poor environmental habitat to help hydrate, energize detox and recover. Great for aiding the immune system and rejuvenating natural energy production.
Higher DOSE Infrared Body Wrap penetrates the soft tissue of the body up to 1 1/2″ while reducing unwanted fat and muscle pain. Infrared is a safe warming heat that has been used for decades by doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors to help patients feel better and increase their health.
Myo Fascial Release is a form of manual therapy where gradually-deepening, sustained pressure is coupled with specific joint mobilization to targeted areas of the body.
Joli Beauty Bar offers a diverse assortment of services that are luxurious and sophisticated yet fun and inviting. Get your Glam Girl on with this 20 minute professional make-up session followed by a 10 minute CryoFacial.

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