Our Sexy CBD Bites


First CBD Bites ProductionWell by now you know how I like to be the first with everything. I also love sharing what I know, discover and create.

Here is my story of how I included CBD in my Raw Power Bites.

The successful relationship of The Alchemist Kitchen (TAK)  is indeed a true alchemy of our work together.  We compliment each other in my always creating something leading edge and they being the first in the city to carry the best.

So the TAK store asked me to incorporate CBD in my Raw Power Bite Collection. Off to work we went! Chef Jani & I up for the challenge and we knew we would rise to this opportunity! Alchemist Kitchen being the first store to carry CBD products. Joining our team, making it a dream, was Lou Sagar, the CEO of the TAK store , along with their herbalists and of course ourselves.

What a thrill it was to experiment and trust me you will taste this in our CBD bite!

So we incorporated all our knowledge, excitement and vision to make this incredible addition to our already unbelievable Cocorau Line. We found this particular Power Bite, in incorporating CBD isolate, required a bit more effort and precision in the making of it. The right flavors and shape had to be experimented with to insure the proper measurements of the flavors were being married together to produce this Power Bite extraordinaire.


Producing of our first CBD Bites:

 Bites Production

Finally after weeks of testing and trying we found the perfect recipe and the perfect taste and started to produce. It flew off the shelves. At that time the knowledge about CBD was still at the beginning and and people just started to realize the benefits and who wouldn’t like that packed into our Raw Bites made with no sugar dairy or soy.  That was some product out there but with sugar, I personal think it is counterproductive to the benefits of CBD.

We choose raw organic honey from local beekeepers. As we also learned and wanted to infuse our CBD Bites with the immune building property of this kind of honey that builds and supports the body against the allergy season upon us. The flowers open and so the season begins! Raw Organic Almonds, the purest of them all go into our CBD Bite, easily digestible and so fragrant as also luscious.


Every ingredient we choose to use are all sourced locally. As we are passionate about preserving the earth’s essence and riches, while creating a Bite for you that equally honors you. We are indeed happy to offer our gift of what we created an alchemy of riches

to you.


A sexy look for our New CBD Bite

CBD Bites 

We decide do make 2 small bites and put a red pepper corn in the middle for a special fruity pepper flavor and the personal wish to the TAK store was to make that more sexual and it should look like a nipple.


After looking at 100…. options of packaging we found this beautiful golden little boxes to in-bed them,  inside in little white cupcake holders. That was our first experience with CBD and at this time, since there has been so much more knowledge of the benefits to follow.



And so

Our first CBD bite….


now Go Get Yours…..

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