New developments

After a year of working with all of the regulations and restrictions we hope to launch very soon.
We will try to keep you updated with all of our newest developments.

In the beginning of our journey we had some issues with our name and had to make a few changes but we are so happy and excited to have finally found the perfect name for our product, cocorau.
We are now finalizing our last details of our required laws and regulations regarding our labels (boring!) and then can finalize our label with our design team @ro-ny! Our packaging is all being hand made in California as we speak.. We can’t wait to see the final result!

Most recently the Lower East site girls-club @girlsclubny is putting all of the final details and is putting the final coat of paint as we speak in our kitchen storefront.

We are eagerly awaiting our move in this week and can’t wait to set it all up so that we can start our production.
We will keep you posted with any news and updates about our opening! Woohoo!!!

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