Moby at a private concert at the LES Girls club !!!

Tonight’s live ‪‎concert‬ with Moby at the ‪Planetarium‬ at the Lower Eastside Girls Club was incredible.
He performed with 2 background singers on stage, in front of the star-sky in the Dome of the Planetarium For the biggest finale the Girls of the Lower east site girls club sing along with Moby.
The 2 Floor teaching kitchen cooked a delicious vegan menu. Delicious little pizzas with Kale and Mushrooms and a balsamic vinaigrette, little skewers with cocktail tomatoes and artichokes and finger-food roasted aubergine bites. Moby‬ got to taste our cocorau ‪powerbites‬ afterwards, He told me he’s a big fan of ‪vegan‬ ‪raw‬ ‪chocolate. And he enjoyed them a lot. Moby it was a pleasure to meet you and have a little chat with you. Thank you so much!!!
Today we finally finished the packaging of the bites (photo attached).
We will be moving in our teaching kitchen very soon!
We had a great night and we are very happy and thankful for all the love we got tonight.
the CocoRau Team xoxo


IMG_3156Moby Concert in the LES Girls Club


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