Makers that inspireMakers that inspire me to keep going

Konstanze the founder of COCORAU is so excited to start a series of interviews of Makers that inspire me to keep going.
It is hard work to open a small company and try to keep your beliefs, inspiration and integrity. As well to be true to the brand you created when you started and continue to motivate yourself through the ups and downs.
But nothing is as rewarding to see your supporters and friends loving it.
The support you get is your drive to keep going. The fun you have with knowing you are truly making a product that is showing your chosen way of living in world.

My first interview is with my friend Taylor Foster the Founder of Heaven on Mainstreet.
We both work in fashion and I am a big fan of her products and totally admire her passion for her cosmetic line and her delicious baking.

1. What is the first thing you ever made?

For the skincare line it was the calm and clear face oil about 25 years ago – for myself. Growing up I was always baking –
chocolate chip cookies were a constant!

2. Before I started making

….. I was always making & baking!

3. How would you describe your brand?

The goal is to make my customers feel good…. Through scent and natural products that lift the spirits and help your skin.

4. What inspired you to create your brand?

It started as a bakery which was a life long dream fulfilled. After having my son I needed something smaller batch that I could create on my own. Skincare was a natural transition for me – having always made things for myself and having the baking background for the alchemy / process part. I wanted things that were easy and natural but also made a difference.
inspire me to keep going.

5. Where do you produce your line?

Bovina, NY I collect plants from the area and make infusions. I’m constantly inspired by my surroundings.

6. Where do you reside?

Bovina, NY

7. What do you love the most about living there?

Fresh air, stars, community.

8. What music do you prefer to listen to?

I run the gamut and it really depends on my mood. Chanting music (Krishna das, Snatam Kaur), Benny Goodman, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, New Order, Daughter, Pink Floyd, Future Islands, Thom Yorke…….

9. Do you have a favorite quote?

Be Here Now

10. Describe your perfect day?

Wake up and don’t have to get out of bed right away…. Coffee… Yoga… Walk around the garden…. Make products… dream of something new… snuggle with my son…. Go for a swim…. Snuggle with my man….. make food that I’ve picked from the garden…. Go for a run… Read a book in the hammock… meditate… fall blissfully asleep!

11.What is your favorite flower?

That’s a hard one! I love all the wildflowers

12. What is one of the hardest thing for you to do?

Wake up early

13. What’s the last gift you gave somebody?

An allergy remedy tincture

14. What is your favorite piece of advice?

This too shall pass

15. Do you have a hidden talent you would like to realize?

It’s not a hidden talent – but I’d like to learn how to weave!

16. Where were you born?

Miami, FL

17. What brings you the most joy to cook?

A meal for my family

18. What is your favorite movie?

or some of. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Marlene Dietrich films, Peanut Butter Falcon was a recent good one….

19. Would unlimited income alter your lifestyle in anyway?

I’d like to think it would lessen my stress – but I’m trying to check my stress levels daily and operate from a place of feeling fulfilled and helpful to the world. Ultimately I’d like to feel I’m doing what I can to help and doing my work from a place of passion regardless of monetary outcome. Basically, I’d still be doing what I’m doing but maybe in nicer surroundings (finish the home renovation…. Get some new equipment to make things…. A better production facility!…. a really kick ass garden….)

20. What is the most difficult project or task you have ever engaged in?

Wedding season two years ago…. Non-stop baking and wedding cakes! Also the first large
holiday order I took on when I first opened the bakery back in 2006. I stayed up for three days straight baking! Then had to rent a Uhaul to drive everything to the city – I had grossly underestimated how big everything would be once finished…. Baking is hard work!

Thank you Taylor xxo

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