What You Need To Know About Pearl Powder

The wisdom of ancient Women and Pearl Powder: Traditionally in Chinese’s and Egyptian beauty secret was always Pearl Powder. Anti-Aging and a Beauty Secret of Ancient Chinese  Empress Wu Zetian. She was the only female empress of China in over four thousand years. When she took the throne at age 65 her beauty had become legendary and her skin was said to be as radiant as that of a young woman. Her secret was using a pearl powder.

Since today we know that anything we put on our skin has the same effect than if you would eat it. The skin is the largest organ we have in our body. We have to treat it with all the respect not only for staying and looking young for our soul and for health purposes. Pearl can stimulate new skin growth, healing damage from the sun and aging. Isn’t that amazing?

Why Pearl Powder benefits the skin, hair and nails

Pearl is mineral rich. special in calcium, magnesium, manganese, strontium and much smaller amounts of many more.

Pearl powder is a complete protein. Pearl powder protects the skin from aging.  It slows down the development of melanin which can cause freckles and skin spots. Besides the skin, all of those collagen supporting properties work deeper in the body. Pearl helps to rebuild collagen faster in every skin tone and helps to strengthen the hair skin and nails.

Pearls helps with calming the nervousness: Pearl helps with stress managment, nervousness and sleeplessness also it will help to support the mood. In Chinese medicine this is known as a great Shen Tonic.

Pearl helps the skin to maintain hydration: It is creating a better barrier to retain water, and enhance elasticity.

How do we gain Pearl Powder: Pearl powder comes from sustainable freshwater Farms.

Why did we create our Superlative Beauty Powder

We created the ultimate formula in our SUPERLATIVE BEAUTY POWDER . With the help of Pearl Powder, mushrooms (Chaga, Tremella),  high vitamin C berries (Shizandra, Goji). To make it taste amazing we included Tocos a high vitamin C rice bran.

How do you mix it: We suggest that you mix it into anything you like, water or tea. I prefer it in almond milk or coconut milk. We also love it on top of oatmeal or rice pudding. You can play around and put it in any smoothies as well.

What people say about our Superlative Beauty Powder? It gives you this ultimate glow and your skin tightens up. We are totally into it.

One of our favorite recipes:
1 tbsp, Superlative Beauty Powder
1 frozen banana
10 oz, water
blend on high and serve over ice

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