There is much more to know about "Collagen"! part 2

What are some Collagen Rich Meals?

There are many ways to find meals that can help boost your collagen production. In fact, you can take some of the food groups outlined above and combine elements to make something that is appealing and healthy, and fun. Here are a few of the top choices I eat to help boost my collagen production. They are simple recipes that are cost-effective and don’t take much time to prepare.

While there are a number of healthy options, it’s important to understand the food and habits to avoid or eat/do within moderation. Nutritionists suggest staying away from sugar and refined carbohydrates as these two food groups can cause inflammation and ultimately damage collagen.

Additionally, it’s important to put on sunscreen so you don’t damage your skin. Exposure to a high level of ultraviolet light over a long period of time can unravel your skin fibers, which leads to sun damage such as wrinkles.

Kale or Spinach Caesar Salad with salmon.

If you don’t like kale or spinach you can always substitute that with romaine lettuce. I like to throw on baked salmon which is rich in nutrients that help produce collagen. I like to prepare it with some garlic and salt to taste, add some lemon wedges and green garnish, wrap it up in banana leaves or parchment paper and cook in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. I will also add pesto sometimes to the Salmon to add extra flavor. I’ve also then thrown on some tomatoes and onion slices with some garlic seasoning, green beans, bell peppers, and corn.

Nature’s Cereal

I am not sure if you’ve seen this on Tik Tok, but I throw a bunch of berries like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and pomegranates into a bowl. I add half a cup of water and three-quarter cups of coconut water and five or six ice cubes. There is no need for any added sugar or flavor. The berries, specifically the strawberries, have a high content of Vitamin C which is a nutrient important in producing collagen. This recipe literally takes five to make. It’s also filling and does not leave you feeling heavy after consuming.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos

This recipe calls for corn tortillas, black beans, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, and peppers. You can flavor your vegetables however you would like and then prepare the sweet potatoes and onions. In this case, I like to cube my sweet potatoes and season the sweet potatoes with sliced onions. I throw on some garlic and onion powder and salt. For the sweet potatoes, I will boil them first and then throw the cubes into the air fryer. To add some zest I will make my honey mustard dressing which is simply combining some honey and Dijon mustard. This recipe is lightweight and gut-friendly.

These are a few of the many recipes I rely on, on a week-to-week basis. I do like to add some flare and change up what I’m eating to keep things interesting and fun. Collagen is that important and I am a huge advocate for learning more about how to modify one’s lifestyle to be healthier and more productive.

As you can see there are many alternatives to food choices and part of figuring out those alternatives is taking time to learn and prepare. I like to set aside time each weekend to meal prep and look at the week ahead.

There are so many options to what we can eat that will boost our well-being that it’s worth taking the time to plan and organize. While changing our food choices can help boost collagen production, not everyone likes to rely solely on that option and will utilize collagen supplements.

Collagen supplements are typically made up of either gelatin or peptides which is also known as hydrolyzed collagen. These supplements can come in many forms such as powder, liquid, injections, or capsules. Most supplements derive from type 2 collagens which are from animals like cows, pigs, and fish, but can sometimes contain a mixture of all three types.

Why would People take Collagen Supplements?

Most people that take these supplements are looking to alleviate joint pain, arthritic pain, boost brain function, repair tissue damage, prevent injury, heal aging skin and improve teeth enamel and bone density. While there are many companies that claim that their supplements can do all of the things listed above, there hasn’t been enough evidence or support to show that supplements are in fact just as viable as the natural and raw food people can consume.

This topic is controversial based on the fact there isn’t much research available on the consumption of collagen supplements. One blog outlines their opinion on the subject and gives a detailed explanation of their stance on the matter. In this case, they suggest that it’s always better to ingest the necessary nutrients and amino acids vs consuming something that is man-made.

Plants and herbs have been part of Chinese medicine for years. They claim that adaptogens can help combat the effects of stress and fend off any aging of the skin or any threat to the body’s immune system.

It is unproven whether or not ingesting collagen as a supplement works or is healthy. For now, our blog encourages our readers to consume raw food, greens, fruits, vegetables, and the like in order to maintain a healthy level of collagen.

Plants and herbs have been part of Chinese medicine for years. They claim that adaptogens can help combat the effects of stress and fend off any aging of the skin or any threat to the body’s immune system.

Are there any Myths about Collagen

Many people view collagen as the “fountain of youth,” and most times associate collagen with skin; however, as we’ve already learned there seem to be more benefits, but with the lack of research and information there is also a lot of conjecture. Surprisingly enough, there are also a few myths that blogs have targeted to debunk these so-called rumors. Let’s take a look at a few:

Myth #1: Taking collagen supplements is enough for anti-aging benefits

Experts suggest that there be a healthy level of consumption between supplements, raw food, and topic ointments. While the supplements typically target the joints and other body parts, the skin isn’t necessarily covered fully. Doctors recommend a plant-based peptide. This is a natural stimulant of collagen that can help maintain the elasticity of the skin and keep it hydrated.

Myth #2: Collagen cream alone can help improve the body’s elasticity

There are different options when it comes to topical cream; however, there is no real scientific proof or evidence fully supporting that the cream can boost collagen production. With that said, doctors recommend a balanced and healthy diet that includes amino acids, nutrients and vitamins like retinol, peptides, zinc, and vitamin C can help stimulate those synapses to naturally produce collagen.

Myth #3: There is no need to panic about collagen until you’re in your 40s

The body’s natural ability to slow the production of collagen begins in your early 20s and you will lose between 1%-2% every year. Experts urge people to start as soon as possible as it is never too early to boost the anti-aging process.

Myth #4: You will begin to see a difference immediately with your hair, nails, joints, and skin

Most times, the changes progress over a few weeks. Typically you may not see results until after six weeks. In order to make sure there is some sort of change or production of collagen, experts recommend your consumption to be consistent and daily. This is known as the “cumulative effect.” With the more time you stick to a schedule and regiment, you are bound to see results eventually.

When researching collagen and alternatives to supplements and food that could help naturally produce the enzyme, I recommend taking some time to find some reputable companies that have not only done their research but also have the backing and support from a medical professional.

We at COCORAU are based out of the Hudson Valley right outside of New York City. We put a strong focus on creating products that add an abundance of health and wellbeing into its customers’ lives. I used to work in the beauty industry as a makeup artist and lived and breathed the constant grind and demand traveling to different events and working odd and long hours.  My experience motivated me to create a line of products that could help improve someone’s overall quality of life.

Our first is the line known as Cocorau Immortal Elixirs.” There are several different types.

Why is this information significant?

For the immortal elixirs, we have been able to find a combination of powders that bring about rejuvenation and illumination with the mindset of creating something that has longevity and real substance. I am the in-house alchemist, Konstanze Zeller. Zeller has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to mixing different herbs, plants, and flowers and has been able to transcend the medicinal powders into a line more geared towards beauty. We have collaborated with Taoist Rehmannia Thomas which has proven to be worth the time is given, the creative and one-of-a-kind line “Immortal Elixir.

Our elixirs are food-based powders that include adaptogenic herbs. They are nontoxic and bring about a great amount of relief to those that suffer from ongoing and everlasting stress.

We have made it a mission to create products that do not include any sugar, soy, or dairy. An endless amount of research has been done to find alternatives to the more generic ingredients used by other companies. Since its inception, we at COCORAU have been committed to sourcing the earth for the right type of ingredients.

As mentioned before, Cocorau has the backing and support from the medical community. Dr. Brenda Powell has solidified her approval of adaptogens helping handle stress on the body. Her specialty falls under the umbrella of integrating health and wellness to promote a better quality of life. The immortal elixir posters have been designed to elevate the healthiness of the food you consume.

We will let you know more soon. Stay tuned…

Pictures: Clemens Kois

The goal is to transform the foods you intake while also adding a high level of nutritional benefit and value.

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