One + One Conversation with Health Coach MO•AI

Svenja is a mother, certified health coach and yoga teacher and the face behind MO•AI NYC. She took the big leap when she and her husband quit both of their jobs in Germany and moved to New York where they have lived for six years with their two kids. 

Konstanze: Hi, Svenja.

Svenja: Hi.

Konstanze: How are you?

Svenja: I’m good. How are you? A very exciting day today.

Konstanze: Yeah, a very exciting day. I would love to ask you some questions because my followers are always happy to get recipes, to have easier access to healthy food, stuff that you can make fast without taking too long. How would you describe what you do?

Svenja: I’m a certified health coach. It’s my passion to inspire others. And when I see others try my recipes, it makes me really happy when I see others really getting benefits from what I do and like being healthier, and this is really what makes me happy. But the title is certified health coach.

Konstanze: What inspired you to do that?

Svenja: I realized that I was always very interested in healthy nutrition. And I grew up pretty healthy, so my mom always used whole wheat flour.. Our pancakes were always brown, and never white, which I did not really like when I was young. But now looking back, I thought it was very…I’m very grateful for that. And I realized that it really interested me. I kept looking at the ingredients labels. I tried to buy organic stuff. And then a friend enrolled at IIN, the school I took, and she told me about it, and within a day I decided to do the same because I was so inspired by her, and I really wanted to do the same. And so, yes, and that’s what I did. And I graduated last year.

Konstanze: I can see the passion in you, and how to make your recipes. And did you have another job before?

Svenja: Yes. So, I’m actually a fashion designer. I was specialized…well, I am specialized in denim women’s wear. And I really love my job. I did it for almost 10 years. There was a lot of traveling and very creative. And then we moved to the States. I didn’t have a work permission, so I was using this time to go a different path. Since then I’m really stuck in that path.

Konstanze: Where are you located?

Svenja: We are in New York City. We live really in the center like we…

Konstanze: What do you love most about the work you do?

Svenja: I really love connecting with others. As I mentioned before, I really love to inspire others. And it really makes me happy when people say, “Oh, tried your recipe,” or, “I did this and that because you recommended it.” So, this is really what makes me happy about it. And just definitely connecting with others, in touch, and then creating a healthy community is really fun for me.

Konstanze: Do you have a quote you would like to give or pass on?

Svenja: Yes. I would say my favorite quote is, “Trust the timing of your life,” because it really resonates with me. And in general, it resonates… There is the time, you just wait. It will come to you. And I actually came across this quote, a yoga teacher told me the quote years ago. It really inspired me that I ended up having a little tattoo on my skin with these words.

Konstanze: Wow. It really had an impact?

Svenja: Yes, it did. Mm-hmm.

Konstanze: How is your perfect day? How would that look like?

Svenja: It’s very hard to say the perfect-perfect day, especially now with a pandemic going on. It’s just… I really like getting up early and having a little time on my own in the morning. So, I have two kids, and I really like being awake before them. So, I have a half an hour to…on my own. And I really would say that I journal, but I don’t because I don’t find the time. But at least I have half an hour to take a shower and organize in my head, and before it starts. So, that’s definitely a perfect day for me, having some time on my own.

Konstanze: At least the morning?

Svenja: Yes.

Konstanze: Good. What is the last gift you gave somebody?

Svenja: The last gift was actually a water bottle. I engrave water bottles, and it really makes me happy because I feel like if there’s one thing I want you to do is just drink more water to be healthier. So, I just gave this water bottle to a friend. She’s very happy, and she texted me. She’s, like, “Oh, I’m drinking so much more now.” So…

Konstanze: What is your favorite piece of advice? Is that drinking more water?

Svenja: I would say there’s one thing that everybody should do to live a healthier life is definitely drinking more water and eating more greens.

Konstanze: You know, the next question is very funny. I almost…since you also answered it, do you have a hidden talent you want to realize?

Svenja: I don’t know. So, I really like singing, and my husband always kept telling me that I have a nice, beautiful voice. And I never really did anything about it. So, if there’s time, I would love to take some lessons, and get a little better on that or more professional. But other than that… And I wouldn’t even call it a talent. It’s just fun I think. Yeah.

Konstanze: Where were you born, Svenja?

Svenja: I’m born in Germany in Wiesbaden. It’s close to Frankfurt.

Konstanze: If you have unlimited income, would you live different?

Svenja: Very, very difficult question and hard to answer. I think probably there are…there would be changes. I think one change would be that I would definitely need somebody helping me in the kitchen every day to clean the mess after I try new recipes. So, that’s definitely something I would love to have. Right now, I would say I wouldn’t do a lot of things in a different way. But who knows? I mean…

Konstanze: Is there anything…what was most difficult for you to do or a very difficult task you had to do in your past?

Svenja: I mean, I think in general, I would say the most challenging, and probably the most rewarding project I’m on is being a mom. That’s definitely something that has challenged me the most. And then, of course, with what was going on last year with the pandemic, that was clearly the most difficult project I’ve ever been on.

Konstanze: Yeah, especially when you have two kids in New York City, it’s not easy.

Svenja: Exactly. Yes, exactly.

Konstanze: Is there anybody… How would you aspire to be?

Svenja: Well, I mean, I just started my company, and I really enjoy doing it. So, definitely I’m growing this, and reaching out to more people. That would definitely…it’s something that would make me more happy, and to continue what I’m doing. Yeah.

Konstanze: I think you should keep going, Svenja, because you do a great job. It’s so much fun to watch you on Instagram.

Svenja: Thank you.

Konstanze:  cooking looks so easy, and you make it so much fun. And anybody can do it, and you can include your kids, and it’s great. So, I’m looking forward to see more of you.

Svenja: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Konstanze: Thank you, Svenja.

If you like to consult with Svenja please sent her an  Email


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