Dr. Linda Lancaster is a Naturopathic & Homeopathic Physician.

Dr. Linda Lancaster was the inspiration in my life to start COCORAU! I am so excited to introduce to you the Naturopath that knowledge I live by! Here is my conversation with Dr. Linda Lancaster, she is healing and teaching and specializes in Energy Medicines.

Dr. Linda Lancaster is a Naturopathic & Homeopathic Physician. She has been in practice since 1981 and founded Light Harmonics Institute, an Energy Medicine Clinic and Educational Center based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her training includes Nutrition, Homeopathy, Subtle Energy Healing, Radionics, Emotional/Spiritual/Grief Counseling, Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic, and Detoxification Methods. Her health and cleansing programs have been offered to her patients for almost 40 years.

Homeopathic and natural medicine physicians prefer non-invasive treatments, which minimize the risks of harmful side effects. Health or disease comes from a complex interaction of physical, emotional, mental, dietary, genetic, environmental, and lifestyle.

Every illness has an underlying cause, which could be from the environment, diet or the lifestyle of the patient. An energy medicine physician is trained to find the underlying cause of dis-ease and to support the body’s own innate ability to heal.

The original meaning of the word “doctor” is teacher.

Dr. Linda’s principal objective is to educate the patient and emphasize self-responsibility for health. Naturopathic and Homeopathic physicians recognize the importance of the doctor-patient relationship.

Light Harmonics Institute has been at the forefront in the current trend of the integration of medicines. In an effort to create peace in healing, Dr. Linda founded The Global Foundation for Integrative Medicines (GFIM)and is the current GFIM President.

Dr. Linda: Hello, Konstanze

Konstanze: It’s so good to see you. It has been such a long time. You were the beginning of the Cocorau for me or one of the reasons why I started the whole project living after your protocol, changing my life. What inspired you to do what you do and how would you describe that?

Dr. Linda: I don’t know if it was an inspiration, but it was always there. People, for some reason, always asked me to make decisions, to help them with different things. So, I was inspired… When I was in my late teens, early 20s actually, I didn’t feel well. So, I was on the search by myself. I was on the search and not going around to doctors, but on the search of why I did not feel well. And I studied a lot of spirituality. I was teaching yoga when I was 21, back when yoga was not very popular the way it is now. I found… I was just given tools. I was led to the right places. And I just knew that it was my job to find out how to heal myself. And then when I realized how to do this, I felt that the next step was how to empower people to do it themselves. And so that’s why you know that I do a lot of teaching, even in my practice, to my patient. I want to let my patient have enough support and knowledge so they can take care of themselves. That has a lot to do with food and understanding that we’re living in a polluted world and how we can neutralize that. So, my job in this world is to help people restore their vital force that they were born with, so they can be the best that they can be. And that inspires me.

Konstanze: What’s the job you did before you started your career or you just know that this was it?

Dr. Linda: First I was working in corporate, you know, in Madison Avenue for a little bit. And then I worked in a health food store. I ran three health food stores on Long Island. And at the same time, teaching yoga, I was teaching homeopathy first day. I was teaching back flour. I was teaching cooking. So a lot of the things that I was doing in my 20s, I was teaching at the local library, at the different centers. And then this doctor called me up and said, “Would you like to work in the clinic?” And I go, “What am I gonna do there?” “You’ll teach cooking and counsel people on food.” So I really started with counseling people on food. But as I was taking in the holistic patient, I realized there were so many interferences, that the food was not enough. And so I started learning about parasites and heavy metals and all of that. Within three months, he asked me to be the director of that clinic in Long Island. And so we had 16 practitioners working in the clinic to Lunix, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, naturopathic. So I learned everything because I was the director of the clinic. So I had to learn what everybody was doing because when the patient would come in, I would have to decide what treatment they were getting. But my whole work was analysis, what do they really need. Clinic owner decided to get a bigger place and I decided to go private practice on my own and to finish my credentials. So I spent quite a lot of years going back and forth to Sri Lanka, like I have my naturopathic degree from Australia. Mind you, when I was getting all these degrees, they didn’t even have schools like that in America. And I was always saying, “Wait a minute. What am I doing? I’m doing things that nobody is doing right now,” you know, and because I was energetic lead testing. At the time, I was using EAV, electroacupuncture testing and I was finding heavy metals, and chemicals, and parasites. And then I realized to have another tool and another tool.

And then I met Dr. Hazel Parcells. And I learned pendulum. So I started to use my pendulum to analyze the electromagnetic field. And that’s pretty much what I’m known for is that and teaching that. So, you know, we started putting together… I started to put together my school, Light Harmonics Institute. And we started to teach students how to read the vibrational frequencies of people. And in those findings, we’re finding a lot of pollution and parasites. We’ve gotta clear that out so they can digest the good food, which is also necessary. You hear so many times, “Oh, I eat so well. My diet is perfect. I don’t know why I’m sick.” Don’t change for meeting good organic food and inbalance, don’t change that at all. But find out what else is needed, been practicing since 1981. And with the incorporation of looking at the body as a whole, in that understanding, when you’re working in the energy fields, you also realize that it’s more than the physical. We have a physical body and we have an energy body. And that energy body penetrates light through our physical body and that’s our energy field. And then we have another field, which is the emotional field and then we have another field, which is the mental field. The mental field is the way we think, the emotional field, obviously, it’s how we connect with people and connected to the stars. That’s why astrology is even valid. So we have this understanding of how we feel and how we think. And the physical body, which is penetrated with light from the etheric body. In my book, “Harmonic Healing,” I talk about the etheric field, mostly, that it’s so important for us to eat good food that has an energy field. That’s why we eat organic food, food that’s not contaminated, food that’s not processed.

So because the plant has a physical part, physical made of physical minerals and the plant structure, so the structure, and that it has a field of energy. A plant has a field of energy. We have a field of energy. And that field of energy is integrated in us. So how do we feed us? By eating food that has energy. What will block the food that has energy? Usually fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides, and processing. You know, it destroys the life force. So, we are looking to have a healthy life that’s filled with wellness, that has a strong lifeforce so that our immune system is strong so that we are connected and we start to realize why we are here.

Konstanze: And then where are you based out of?

Dr. Linda: Now I am in Santa Fe, New Mexico, pretty much full-time. I haven’t been back to New York City since February 2020, for obvious reasons but I’m in contact with everyone that… You know, most of my patients, I’m still in contact, but remotely.

Konstanze: Is there a favorite quote you would say or you live by?

Dr. Linda: You know, not a quote from any particular person. But I live by telling the truth, and being honest, and standing by people who need me. It’s such a pleasure to see you and to see you thriving and, you know, your environment. I followed you all through your changes, and building, and even looking for a place. So for me to see you at this place, at this time is brilliant. And it makes me feel so, so good.

Konstanze: Thank you so much. It was great to have you. And I am sure you will put the message out for a lot of more people to know how to get a bridge to help themselves.

Dr. Linda: Yes. Yeah.

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