Days Of Transformation

These are weird times, we all trying to stay sane and we are all going through this together. We here at COCORAU are sitting in meetings and deciding are we participating in fairs this summer, and how do we support our customers during this difficult times? Some rely on our knowledge to design products that help them feel good and healthy. That remains our mission with this company.

Since no one really can say how our life will look in two months from now. And still things are changing very fast. We are facing a world we have never experienced in a very different way than what we know and we need to be courageous together to find our new way. We are such social creatures and now we realize how important are friends, family and personal support system are to us.

Now we rely evermore on the internet to communicate. And we learn how to reinvent ourselves in alternative ways to stay current with every change. We are just at the beginning of recreating. Certainly we will never go back to what we thought was normal for all of us a few month ago.

We are now more and more seeing that our lifestyle, and our body are most important to stay healthy physically and mentally. It is all one and we are creating a new self.

I Konstanze, believe that we are recreating and investing more time into our healthy lifestyle and taking care of ourselves in the best way we can to keep us happy in this new world.

Before the virus took over we were busy doing things that were not vital to our wellbeing. We become stressed out trying to manage things that were not relevant to our happiness. Now we are reminded that life is precious and we are here to help each other, that is the only way to go further. Our preoccupation with immediacy over the years caused problems with the environment, ourselves and as a result compromising our immune system.

Now we have the time to learn and reexamine our values and take responsibilities for ourselves and those around us.

I am sorry that we need a virus to show us where we are in our life and what is important for all of us. We don’t need very much, all the things we thought we can not live without, most of them are not important and now we realize.

An Inside Look
I had the honor to be interviewed by Makers Movement working with “Field+Supply fair” about things I care about and live by. They did a fabulous job and I am delighted to share it with you: https://www.amakermoment.com/cocorau We at COCORAU wish you health and happiness, until next time…

"Now we have the time to learn and reexamine our values and take responsibilities for ourselves and those around us"

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