Creating Superlative Beauty

So after a couple of months of having launched the first of Immortal Elixir Line, Holy Body Powder, my contribution to the world of adaptogenic herbs – did the Alchemist Kitchen begin incorporating the powder into its drinking menu.

Holy Body Powder is now served at the bar. Mixed with beverages of one’s choice to elevate their coffee or enjoy as they prefer. We learned that the response was so great the patrons take the elixir everywhere they go, mixing into their favorite drink, with oat and or coconut milk to list a few.

This success coupled with my personal inspiration to be challenged in my life spurred me to create yet another winner Superlative Beauty Powder.

Trust me, it is!

All About Shrooms & Beauty

Here is this story. I, being a make up artist, surrounded by beauty and work to not only create it but maintain it thought to bring beauty out from within.

In my belief that beauty is an inside job I then combined my passion for beauty with my passion for the maintenance of it.

And being a world traveler, the importance that is is always accessible to me.

And so, again, the Alchemist Kitchen proved a treasure trove of books to research did I come up with the recipe for Superlative Beauty. My first love affair was with the magnificent mushroom Chaga – the most immortal of the ancestry of the mushroom family.

The key factor in this potent species, discovered and used by both Chinese and Russian cultures, was the power to rejuvenate the cells. I learned also that Vitamin C is king for the skins radiance and overall maintenance. In turn I incorporated the beauty herb, Shisandra and Goji berry in the mix, along with Tocos ( rice bran) a powerhouse of  Vitamin E. another skin food.

Of course, I continually consulted Rehmannia during this process and we worked especially to assure it tasted as marvelous as it works wonders for your skin.

And Voila! A total success! The “proof was in the pudding” as it is our best tasting elixir! Prove it to yourself and try it. We promise, it is!

Oh! and did I tell you? It plumps up your skin bringing radiance to surface from the inside out!

Cheers! And stay tuned As I am challenged once again to create another winner!

Oh! and did I tell you? It plumps up your skin bringing radiance to surface from the inside out!

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