Creating Petite Size Bites

And now that I created a line, the newest challenge is to market my products! Being someone who loves to learn and becomes easily bored with routine, I welcomed this new education and was instantly intrigued.

As I would work my hair and make up jobs by day I found myself with both energy and enthusiasm towards creating Petite Size Bites for friends, clients and various parties.

This included spa, yoga and wellness retreats including  Lululemon and Omega Institute to name a few as my product is health sourced and marketed I learned everything from testing through to packaging.

All about marketing
All brand new territory for me to venture and conquer. And I loved it! My Chef Jani and I became totally in the mood to create possibilities for the samples of my Power Bites. Certainly she is so talented in creating something from nothing. With all our raw organic state of the art ingredients we together made bite size samples that turned out to be grand in their beauty and appearance. Most of all, I introduced my product on job sites, when booked to do make up jobs. I would always bring samples with me. The models & photographers loved the Power Bites, being perfect in size, healthy, beautiful to look at and taste incredible. Moreover they help in promoting it.
I also got more inspiration while working in LA about Adaptogens, I sample from Moonjuice and Errowhon market,  and I got invited to dinners at world renowned restaurants whose goal was to present menus that offered items that catered to your optimum health & well being.  Here I gathered more information and inspiration for additions to my product line. I was thrilled to learn more….
Stayed tuned for my next inspired brainstorm…

Did I tell you I am Aries?

A hint: we are never bored, love to create and lead the pack. My line is proof of all I stand for!

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