Launching The New Immortal Elixir, Superlative Beauty, At The Fancy Food Show !!

Superlative Beauty Powder!

Superlative Beauty Powder!

They’re here! We have new Immortal Elixirs for power and beauty.

My newest launch is a powdered elixir that is ready to add to your favorite snack, meal, or beverage.  I consulted Rehmannia Thomas, a renowned Taoist herbalist, when creating the Holy Body Powder and Superlative Beauty—a beauty super food.

Using my vision and knowledge as a make up artist, I created a powder that brings beauty from within. I carefully selected the ingredients from ancient treasures only found in nature.

 Superlative Beauty gets its name from the most important ingredient, “PEARL,” which is used by women who are globally renowned for their beauty.  A magical mix of two Asian mushrooms, Tremella and Chaga, contribute to cellular renewal and longevity. This combination is one of my personal beauty secrets.  It is my gift to you.

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