Introducing the new powerful Immortal Elixir!

Immortal Elixir  Cocorau is excited to introduce to you our first powerful elixir our  “Holy Body Powder”

It is for the overall well being and super health for the ALL OF YOU. Our elixir combines the powerful herbs of Hu Shu Wu, Astragalus, Rhodiola, Shilajit, Chlorella and raw cacao. Together a powder is created that travels with you, dissolves quickly with lasting effects. It purifies the blood, strengthens the kidneys and opens the spirit. A transformative all enhancing power elixir, that is delicious!

First launched at the NYC Seed Fair in December packaged in sleek and modern Miron glass. This unique glass preserves the quality while keeping the benefits at its peak.   And so will be you. Try and see. Cocorau believes in this ultimate gift. This superlative product is unlike anything we’ve seen here.

Inspired by Elixir Mixologist Rehmannia Thomas, KZ was encouraged and thrilled to create this elixir based on the ancient teachings and healing herbs from Asia.

And so we encourage you to experience Holy Body Powder.                              

A divine gift to give to yourself.

Be the first.

Happy Holidays

The CocoRau Team
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