Cocorau powerI truly believe in the power of Adaptogens

I first was introduced to them on the West Coast, then was excited to find products containing them being sold at The Alchemists Kitchen in NYC.
It makes me happy I had the fortunate opportunity to meet with these various vendors in this pace. Later these vendors joined me in my interest in these forerunners of well being and health. Simultaneously, I had been thinking of how I could incorporate Adaptogens in my Raw Couture product line.

While in The Alchemist Kitchen I gravitated to a book by Rehmmania Dean, where I read about Shilajit. As I ordered his book Shilajit: “Resin of Life” on line, did Rehmannia in fact, reach out to me personally as to why I was interested in his knowledge. I introduced myself and my Cocorau Product Line, expressing my vision to create a product line of elixirs – that are adaptogens you can travel with are easy to mix into life wherever it takes you.


The meeting with Rehmmania

As the forces of nature be what they will Rehmmania Dean was relocating to the East Coast! We agreed to meet and did just that at The Alchemist Kitchen. Here I met and began my co – creating my Elixir Line with the world renowned taoist herbalist, Rehmmania.
He offered his services in creating and developing my elixir line, overseeing the right proportions were mixed to create the ultimate adaptogen potion.


My first Adaptogen Powder Mix

adaptogens holy body powder powerWe created my first elixir calling it: Holy Body Powder.
Its goal to detox the sacred body and create optimum health. Plus it tastes as phenomenal as you will feel. We created it specifically so you can elevate your coffee, as we like to think of this. Even more than that , people have the option to sprinkle it on their morning oatmeal or delicious rice pudding.
Please note: Holy Body Powder base is raw cacao powder

We love this!

Rehmmania loved it as well. Beauty being a component of well being, I found the perfect and beautiful bottle of German Miron glass. Which does both protect the herbs from UV rays and sunlight while blocking the radiation. We preserve from inside out, beautifully.
I was then fortunate to collaborate with RO-NY and design a label for my Holy Body Elixir- and voila! Success!

And I have created more!!

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