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How COCORAU Came to Be

COCORAU Raw Food Company

My first meeting with the manager of a large health-driven supermarket was more than I could ever expect. He was so pleased with the product and immediately began talking about branding my product and introducing me to more of his management team. I was in awe at everything going on and how fast things were moving.

The next logical step was to develop my own company.

The Beginnings of COCORAU Didn’t Go as Planned

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I honestly had no idea what I had just gotten myself into. There were so many steps to consider before I could officially launch my product, and I am blessed to know quite a few people working in both branding and marketing.

I continued to work behind the scenes as a makeup artist through the initial creation states of my new company. At one point, I was working with a model who mentioned that her boyfriend worked in a Japanese chocolate store. She then said that I should try creating a Matcha chocolate flavor.

Being the fan of Matcha that I am, I loved the idea! That night I went home and developed a healthy Matcha Bite. The product featured cocoa butter, pistachios, coconut, and raw honey, and excluded sugar and soy.

With several flavor options under my belt, it was time to really focus on branding these delicious bites. My friend Gisele helped me developed the Sanskrit names and descriptions for each of my bites.

raw cocorau cherry bombe

Once we completed that step, I contacted my dear friend Rony, who owns the branding company RO-NY. His team took the time to really understand my vision and helped to create my first business name and the logos to go along with it.

Once my initial company seemed ready for launch, I contacted my friend, photographer Milan Zrnic. His friends had recently published a magazine for women in food called Cherry Bombe. They agreed to shoot my product and share it in their magazine, but things didn’t go as planned.

Two days before the magazine was printed, I was contacted by another company with a cease and desist order because my company name included part of their brand’s name.

From the Ashes Rises a Phoenix

Devastated, I turned to Rony for advice. He worked quickly, and before I knew it, we devised the name COCORAU, and my brand was ready to take off once more. Cherry Bomb launched its first “JUBILEE party” and placed my first significant order. I stressed over how to make the 500 bites that were ordered, and again, my lovely friends came to the rescue. We gathered at the Lower East Side Girls Club and were able to fulfill that order.

That was only the beginning. I’m still learning, and am blessed so many loving, encouraging people surrounding me.

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