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Change is so inspiring


Now you guys have a little bit an idea why I created COCORAU and what have been my thoughts behind it. I really live and believe that “Food is Medicine” we all need to consider. I think everything we put inside our body or use topical will affect the way our body reacts to outside influences just today’s LIFE.
It will influence our well-being. And how we continue to stay fit as we get older to feel vigorous and healthy.

After I had the fortune to be exposed to a store like “The Alchemist’s Kitchen” and “Kollective”, I was inspired to inquire of a property in upstate New York.
I only looked at one house that took my breath away. It had everything I wanted and that was the house I bought and I fully renovated it. During that time I realized how happy I am to be spending more time in the country after 20 years of living in New York City, I welcomed and benefited from the change and continue to do.

A new lifestyle for me…

inspiring houseI was able to create a full professional kitchen in my basement that I am able to use for production and shipping of COCORAU. It was the perfect space a cool stone-house basement kitchen that never gets to warm. And it’s very easy to produce any kind of chocolate product there. This beautiful house from the 1700’s not only supports my healthy lifestyle and creativity. But continues to enhance my overall sense of well being.

As a result I am able to offer this beautiful space for events, dinners, photo and film locations, weddings and vacation rentals.
As I love to share what I discover and create.

I really enjoying to seeing mountains and hanging out on the creek “Esopus” on the bottom of my property. Or jumping in the pool in the summer time. What’s there not to enjoy?

The house gets great responses as well, and a lot of fashion/advertising/ film people start using it as a location for photo and advertising shoots. I also started offering the house for weekend rentals. Most of the time I stay here creating and coming up with new ideas in this beautiful environment that inspires me.
I love the fact that I can ship out COCORAU products directly to my clients. Of course I go to the city I love ever so often to hand-deliver to the stores that carry my line.

Inspiring change

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