CBD Sublime Elixir

CBD Sublime Elixir from Cocorau

Our blended Sublime CBD Elixir combines organic sustainable CBD Isolate and the immune enhancing. It also has many other ingredients: Firstly adaptogens of Astragalus. Secondly Eleuthero and Rhodiola with a hint of the majestic sweetness of the powerful Maqui berry.

Our CBD Sublime Elixir is providing you with the highest cannabis variety from the NY organic grower, Hudson Hemp.  Moreover they consider themselves as being “The Regenerative Future of Farming”. This is because they are complimenting some of the the most essential adaptogenic herb ingredients. As a result we have the Adaptogenic Wellness Powder.

Welcome your wellness daily with this state of the art formula.


Astragalus^, Eleuthero^, Maqui Berry^, Monk berry*, Tocos*, Licorice Root*, Rhodiola^, MCT*,  (*organic)(^wild sourced) CBD* isolate 12 mg per Tbsp


CBD isolate

CBD Sublime Elixir from Cocorau sources the highest quality CBD isolate of high resin cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, which is consider to be the future of healing. This effective medicinal herb is thought to be one of the most remarkable compounds in the natural world.

MCT Oil dehydrated

This is a highly concentrated source of medium chain triglycerides. Above all they  impact energy and the brain focus. Moreover they are rich in essential nutrients. In short, it is a foundation for overall well being.


Eleuthero invigorates QI energy and aides in balancing the vital organ function. Even more interesting, it has been part of Chinese medicine since the beginning of time.


This is an adaptogen used  to fight off stress and enhance the immune system. Results are a better health and vitality.


This golden root herb protects the heart, it has a calming effect on your overall well being and strengthens your immune system

Maqui Berry

This purple magnificence, our super fruit, gives the ultimate sweetness rich in both antioxidant and anthocyains. It is anti aging and extends your life span.

Suggested Use

Finally, the Suggested Use is mixing 1 or 2 tbsp into 5oz of any liquid or food of your choice.


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