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The Story Of Cocoaru

The Story Of Cocorau The Beginning of the Story of COCORAULet me introduce myself to you, I am Konstanze Zeller, the founder and creator of COCORAU. As a native of Austria, I love sweets and have a passion for cooking. I also love clowns and I am…

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Fashion, Health, & Chocolate: Who Is Konstanze Zeller?

Fashion, Health, & Chocolate: Who Is Konstanze Zeller? I worked in the fashion industry for years. I’m originally from Austria and I started my career in my family business: hair styling. After working a couple of years in my parent’s salon, I decided to move…

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It Begins With A Bite

It Begins With A Bite Baking and making sweets was my childhood and teenage hobby. That was how I started experimenting in my East Village kitchen and created my first lavender bite. My goal was to discover what difference it would make if I avoided sugar and used raw cacao instead.…

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