One + One conversation with Health Coach MO•AI.

One + One conversation with Health Coach MO•AI   Svenja is a mother, certified health coach, and yoga teacher, and the face behind MO•AI NYC. She took the big leap when she and her husband quit both of their jobs in Germany and moved to New York where they have lived for six years with their two kids.   Konstanze: …

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Right on time for your Valentine’s giving! Not all sugars are the same!

Right on time for your Valentine’s giving! Not all sugars are the same!   The differences of sugar! When I created COCORAU one of my main purpose was to not use any refined sugar. So I am working continuously to design products that taste great but are healthier for all of us. In the end, sugar in our body is …

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Austrian Poppy Seed Cake enhanced with our CBD Sublime Powder !!!

Austrian Poppy Seed Cake called “Mohnkuchen” enhanced with our CBD Sublime Powder. I created a healthy version of an Austrian poppy seed cake and mixed in our CBD Sublime for the ultimate experience. There’s something about this poppyseed cake that makes me so happy. Perhaps it’s that this cake is deeply rooted in our love of Austria. It’s one of …

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You like to know more about mushrooms? Interview with Erwin Karl!

erwin karl mushroom

COCORAU is introducing personalities that inspire us! Konstanze in a One + One conversation with Erwin Karl. You like to know more about mushrooms? Erwin grow up in the Catskills  Mountain upstate NY and is devoting his time to mushrooms and herbs grown in upstate NY. Watch our One + One Interview!!! to watch click here Erwin : Welcome to …

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Make your own Granola !!!

Make your own Granola mixed with Our Sensual Supreme Powder! It tastes great and you feel the LOVE! We had this special order to create a delicious energizing granola for a private event. I wanted to share the recipe with you since it is so delicious and you can pre-make it for a few weeks stored it in the fridge! …

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Interview with Juan Carlos Pinto using non-biodegradable salvaged material to create art!

Juan Carlos Pinto is an artist and art historian working in New York City. A native of Guatemala, his art is as expressive as the colorful and lush Central American nation. Pinto’s artwork is poignantly aggressive and projects a revolutionary declaration. His art is abstract painting, tile work, wood work, stencil spray, the use of non-biodegradable plastic and glass. Most …

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Astragalus the Superherb and Adaptogen!

ASTRAGALUS the Superherb and Adaptogen I wanted to tell you about  ASTRAGALUS one of the super herbs we are using in our first formula HOLY BODY POWDER. It is specially loved by our fans in winter to elevate their coffee in the morning and boost their immunity. Let me tell you more about this incredible plant. ASTRAGALUS is a miracle herb, …

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One + One conversation with Josh Paytner an Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Daoist art practitioner!

COCORAU is introducing personalities that inspire us Josh is an incredible person, healer, acupuncturist and exorcist. Every time Konstanze meets with him he not only uses acupuncture on her, but their conversation intrigues her and they converse into all different topics. For that reason she ask him some specific questions to give you an inside of Josh’s life. So incredible that he …

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Make your own delicious Crackers with Seaweed! They taste great and are good for you !

Make your own delicious Crackers with Seaweed! They taste great and are good for you ! I am always intrigued to bake another healthy treat that taste great and is good for you. Here I am showing you how to make your own delicious Crackers with Seaweed! They are healthy and taste so good ! Since my friends really seemed …

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Interview with Julie Lindh – a global skin specialist!

Julie Lindh specialist

We at COCORAU are introducing people that inspire us: Everybody needs inspiration and motivation. We choose to introduce brands we believe in! Julie Lindh, a global skin specialist. Founder of JL Skin Expert skincare and Beauty Wellness Club. She is highly innovative and offers unique skin treatments using the Korean and Japanese methods and was the first to introduce micro-needling in the US. Her holistic …

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A MAKER MOMENT – interview by Field+Supply

A MAKER MOMENT COCORAU is very glad to be a part of the Filed + Supply market. We are honored to be presented with such a selective group of Makers. Here is some info about the beautiful and creative Filed + Supply market. As well as the new online platform of F+S we are very proud to be part of as well. …

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Delicious & Healthy Gluten Free Bread Recipe

Gluten Free bread

Try this Delicious & Healthy Gluten Free Bread Recipe by Cocorau I am constantly looking for new inspiration to share delicious healthy options that are easy to make and not that time consuming. I modified a recipe from the book: Whole Food Cooking Every Day. Here is one of my new favorite recipes to bake a gluten free bread that …

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Interview with founder Jonathan Meltzer from TITLE OF WORK

Interview Jonathan Meltzer

Interview with founder Jonathan Meltzer from TITLE OF WORK Coco: Good to see you. Jonathan: Hi, Coco. How are you? Coco: I’m very good, thank you. Thank you for being here. I’m a big fan of yours and I’m so happy to ask you a few questions. Jonathan: Pleasure to be here. It’s great seeing you. Coco: Thank you. Jonathan, …

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What you need to know about Pearl Powder

Pearl Powder

The wisdom of ancient Women and Pearl Powder: Tradition has it Chinese’s and Egyptian beauty secret  always included Pearl Powder. Anti-Aging and a Beauty Secret of Ancient Chinese Empress Wu Zetian. She was the only female empress of China in over four thousand years. When she took the throne at age 65 her beauty had become legendary and her skin was …

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Creating Petite Size Bites

Petite Bites

And now that I created a line, the newest challenge is to market my products! Being someone who loves to learn and becomes easily bored with routine, I welcomed this new education and was instantly intrigued. As I would work my hair and make up jobs by day I found myself with both energy and enthusiasm towards creating Petite Size …

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Fashion, Health, & Chocolate: Who Is Konstanze Zeller?

Konstanze Zeller fashion designer

Who Is Konstanze Zeller? I worked in the fashion industry for years. I’m originally from Austria and I started my career in my family business: hair styling. After working a couple of years in my parent’s salon, I decided to move to Berlin.   Berlin is where I found my mentor Christian Hoppe. He taught me everything about putting together …

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