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I am Konstanze, the Founder of COCORAU. As a makeup artist I travel the world, and over the years I have become
acquainted with the sustaining powers of raw nutrients and adaptogenic herbs. I believe in whole-foods and
nutrients rich meals to maintain my energetic lifestyle, health, and sanity. That’s how COCORAU was born.

We would like you to be part of our journey.

Our Philosophy

  • Immortal in the moment at your fingertips
  • Overall enhancement of your most essential self. You can access supreme health, beauty and passion especially created for our universe.
  • To increase the prosperity of yours. Enjoy your new abundance, we are delighted to share with you


Cocorau has created our own natural high for Higher Dose! Raw cacao selectively infused with Cashews, Lava Salt and Aleppo Pepper.

We made it ours alone by adding black lava salt to replace the minerals lost after sweating in an infrared sauna, Aleppo pepper which accelerates weight loss and enhance the metabolism. We sprinkle them with Mucuna Pruriens a root powder with a natural source of L-Dopa.

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