A new year and lots of new plans in the works….

img_0539-2The holidays are a relaxing and rejuvenating time for my body and soul.  It’s a time of peace and quiet as I try to be one with nature watching sunsets and stars at night.  

During this time of reflection I practice yoga to help me focus on my next steps and goals in life.  I finished working on the last bites of the new Super Elixir Powder – over the holidays I’ve been working on the formula and had lots of fun trying it all out 🙂  The new adaptogenic herb is a mix for an aphrodisiac powder (I’ll leave the development process up to your own imagination.).

Now pictures have to be taken and labels have to be printed for us to launch the new powder by Valentine’s Day…more details will follow, it’ll be a big event and we’ll keep you in the loop.

This new year we will manifest all our dreams since the planets are going to be directly aligned after the 8th of January –  be ready to realize some major changes.  It only happens ever so often and deserves special attention; the energy will be high and we will hear about a lot success stories and new developments.

Keep your eyes and ears open, it’ll be truly a renewing time.

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