Power Bites

Power Bite Ingredients

The Basics
CocoRau, the delicious raw, organic superfood, is made with raw, organic cacao and the finest fresh and local ingredients available. Our small-batch products are handcrafted in NYC and are abundant in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and anti-aging properties.

And of course all of our products are gluten, soy, sugar, dairy, and GMO free!

Almond Flour
A privately owned organic almond farm in CA hand picks, freshly mills, vacuum seals, and immediately ships their Almond Flour to us. The vitamins C + E and the minerals Zinc, Copper, and Magnesium shine in each.

Raw, Organic Local Honey
Our nectar of the gods is a raw, organic local honey that’s packed with vital nutrients, Iron, and vitamin C.

Sulpher-Rich Molasses
Sulphur-rich molasses is used to carmalize our hazelnuts and almonds to a blissful perfection.

Himalayan Salt + Vanilla Bean Powder
The highest grade of calcium rich Himalayan salt is used along with organic vanilla bean powder-an aphrodisiac!

Coconut Oil
This near to perfect super oil makes our bites even more powerful because of the anti aging benefits.



founder Konstanze Zeller introduce her Raw Couture Collection. The line of raw nutrient-based snacks and elixirs brings sophisticated flavor and gift-worthy design to the raw nutrition category with Raw Cacao Power Bites, ready-to-eat energy snacks made from 100% raw organic cacao, and Immortal Elixirs, powdered food-based nutrients ,designed to elevate the health quotient of any dish or drink.

What Do Models Eat? COCORAU Power Bites Zeller has spent her career behind the scenes making top models look camera-ready, a profession that demands sustained energy but leaves little room for eating right. Traveling for assignments around the world, she became acquainted with the sustaining powers of raw nutrients. Her discovery of 100% raw organic cacao inspired her to create “Power Bites” – small, intensely flavored combinations of healthy and healing ingredients meant to promote sustained energy without fillers or unnecessary calories. Konstanze shared them with her friends at photo shoots and soon developed a devoted following of photographers and models, who appreciate the purity of the ingredients, the luxurious flavors, and the sustained energy and nutrition the snacks impart. The line now includes these four small-batch varieties, each named after a Sanskrit mantra:
So Hum (Lavender), Samadhi (Orange Bliss), Lakshmi (Matcha Tea), and Turiya (Espresso). Making them beautiful is also important to Zeller, so each flavor has its own unique shape and texture.
Cherry Bombe magazine Co-Founder Claudia Wu raves, “COCORAU has all the requisite “no’s” — no gluten, no dairy, no processed sugar, no GMOs. But it’s nice to know there are still sweet things in life you can say “yes” to.”


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